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Founded: 1878
Population: 1524
ZIP code: 67560
Area Code: 785

Elevation: 2251 feet
Latitude: 38° 27' 10" N
Longitude: 99° 54' 22" W


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Beeler, Kanas, located on Highway 96 in western Ness County, lies between Dighton and Ness City in southwest Kansas.


Historical marker featuring George Washington CarverA historical marker featuring George Washington Carver, an African American and one of America’s greatest scientists, is one of The 8 Wonders of Ness County. the marker is located on the south side of the highway at Beeler. Carver revolutionized agriculture in the south with his discoveries. From sweet potatoes and peanuts alone, he made paints, soap, wallboard, milk substitute, medicines, cosmetics and some 500 other products.


A mile and a half south of the historical marker is the quarter section of land originally homesteaded by Carver,  located at SE/4 of 4-19-26


Carver  moved to Ness County 1886. That October, having decided  on the land that he wished to homestead, he built a sod house and occupied it while working his claim, which finalized in 1888. 


Another one of The 8 wonders of Ness County located near Beeler, is Indian Hill, which is located 3 ¾ miles north of marker C.  Visitors will see a silhouette of  a steel Indian on top of the hill.  In 1988, Warren B. Sherwin purchased Indian Hill Ranch from the Nuttle family of Arnold.  In 2003, he asked Brad Dinges to sculpt a steel figure of an Indian sitting on a horse.  The Dinges family and Mr. Sherwin placed the steel sculpture of the horse and Indian rider at its current location. It has been said that an Indian battle occurred on top of “Indian Hill”, thus the naming of the hill. Still visible ridges on the hill are what remain of trenches that the white men dug to help defend themselves; it is also reported that shell casings & arrowheads have been found on the hill.




Local Businesses

Beeler Coop
P.O.Box 222


Cline Drilling

1645 Broadway



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